Rnd 2 Phillip Island Race Report
Last Updated: 15/04/2014

Race 1

 Chas Talbots engine seized at the hayshed when the oil pump failed, and Paul Thompson experienced a failure with the engine management system causing his DNF, Steve Howard lead Ran Maclurkin, Paul Thompson Scott Manson and Daniel Zandt on lap 2  Ran Maclurkin passed Steve and pulled a gap on the group led by Howard, then had a lose out of MG  where he lost a little ground but remained in front of the pack to the end, Steve and Scott battled all race long with Steve leading Scott by .5 at the end of the race, with Adrian Skinner less than a second behind them and Daniel Zandt also just behind in a very close race for the 2 Litre guys


1st Steve Howard 2nd Scott Manson 3rd Adrian Skinner

Race 2

Started badly when Brett Dickie broke a tail shaft on the start line causing Steve Howard to take evasive action of the line, this was followed by a large collision on turn 1 caused by Paul Pennisi hitting Brian Edhouse whose car was severely damaged this caused the following cars to take evasive action compounded by Bob Gill colliding with the rear of Scott Mansons Mini which then went into the rear of Daniel Zandt and Adrian Skinners Datsun, all cars suffered varying degrees of damage and causing the retirement of Scott, Daniel and Bob Gill

Steve drove well swapping the lead with Paul Thompsons Alfa to the end of the race unfortunately Paul was pinged at the end of the race for passing under yellow flags and was penalised 38secs

This resulted in Steve taking the win for 2 Litre cars followed by Adrian Skinner and Paul Thompson in 3 rd and David Brown


1st Steve Howard 2nd Adrian Skinner 3rd Paul Thompson

Race 3

Steve Started well considering the a car stalled in front of him on the grid and then having a race long battle with Ran Maclurkin with lead swaps until Ran established a small break and then increased it, while Steve fought of a hard charging Paul Thompson and Adrian Skinner, Paul passed Steve on lap 5 to then build a lead of 6 seconds to the flag, Scott passed Steve diving down from Lukey heights into turn 10 in an amazing display of braking and car control performing the same stunt on laps 2 and 3 but unfortunately had an off at Turn 1 on lap 3 which lost him some ground so the race to the flag was Paul leading Steve and Adrian Skinner followed by Scott Manson, and Daniel Zandt unfortunately David brown was a DNF for this race


1st Paul Thompson 2nd Steve Howard 3rd Adrian Skinner


Meeting results

1st       Steve Howard  Lightning Locksmiths             Toyota Corolla 
2nd      Scott Manson  yournextcar.com.au   Mini Cooper S 
3rd       Adrian Skinner            Prolap Motorsport     Datsun 1600

The weather for this meeting was surprisingly good after the rain earlier and more was predicted but did not arrived just a beautiful sunny weekend.

This meeting offered some exciting racing and the 2 litre cars performed very well against some very fast V8 cars

Next meeting Sandown see you there.