President's Report - July 2018
Last Updated: 04/07/2018

President’s Report- July 2018 

Hello again,

Well this ends my second year as President of our little club. And what an important year it’s been. I really think we have taken some big steps forward in the past year. But more about that further on, lets first focus on last weekend’s 2 Litre Festival which was also Round 3 of Bremtec Brakes 2018 2 Litre Sports Sedan Championship and the VIC APRA Championship.

 We ended up with 27 entries, this was a fantastic grid of 2 litre cars. The festival was held as part of the Phillip Island 300 Endurance Access meeting. A total of five categories for the weekend and apart from the Superkart’s we had the biggest grid. We were able to arrange one end of the paddock area for set up, so we were all together and this provided a completely different atmosphere at the meeting. We all shared the best BBQ put for both days which was arranged by Irene Denton with help from Louise Fox and Lyndsay Kirkham. The food was fantastic, sausages, homemade burgers, chicken wings with all the sides you could think of. A far more gourmet spread than anything we have seen at the track before. All the crews and members really appreciated the effort that had clearly gone into putting this on for 80 something people we had at the track. Dinner at the RSL was also very well attended with the original booking that started 30 and ended up at 80. A great way to chat away from the track with a little time to relax.

The on-track action was pretty exciting with Saturday wet and Sunday dry. The full race report will be up on the website soon. It was great to several new cars hit the track as part of the series. Richard Gay’s Toyota 86 looks to be a car to watch. Ryan Woods in the borrowed Toyota Corolla from Rob Metz. Ryan actually built the cage, and Eddie arranged to get it log booked for the event. Great effort guys and just one example of the support the club received from members to have cars on track for this important event. It was awesome to Barry Megaw, Lee Uhlhorn, Brendan Woods, Ryan Woods, Richard Gay and John Patterson join the current crew of drivers Lee Partridge, Steve Howard, Andrew Pinkerton, Sam Speer, Eddie Metz, Vince McNair, Phil Kirkham, Chris Hales and myself. We also welcomed Bruce Henderson in his IPRA Renault Clio for a run, if his smile is anything to go by he seemed to enjoy himself. Victorian APRA Pulsar runners were Matthew Butters, Lee Nuttall, Ben Hamilton, Robert Pepper and Steve Cannizzo.  Joining them were a crew of NSW Pulsars eager to have a crack at the Island. Brad Donnelly, Matthew Leenman, Brett Mitchell and Josh Heath all made the 2-day round trip, thanks for the effort guys. Unfortunately, Bob Hampson and Martin Lanza didn’t make the track for various reasons but we hope to have them at an event soon.     

The club engaged VAT Track Media to cover the event for us and they have done a magnificent job. The photo’s they have taken are better than anything we have had done before. They have captured not only on track shots but also the true essence of what race meetings are about. The shots of the crews working on the car in the pits are really cool.  Looking forward to seeing the video and interviews once it’s all been edited. Thank you to Miranda and whole crew for a job very well done and much appreciated.     


The past 12 months have seen growth in not only members but also cars on track. Firstly, starting with the good grid at the non-championship round at Winton last year and numbers have continued to grow at all events this year. We are on the verge of having 50 club members which was a target this this year. So welcome to the new members, let’s make sure we welcome and support them. 2018 has also seen the first year of the SA 2 Litre Sports Sedan Association, this is great thing for 2LSS and something that we are supporting the best we can. But I think the biggest area for growth is that we being recognised by the wider motorsport community as a stand-alone club and series again. None of this has happened by accident and many people have helped get things heading in the right direction. While the committee has worked hard to make this happened the members of the club have really stood up and supported the club in a major way. For me this has been the most pleasing thing to be part of, the camaraderie show at the 2 Litre Festival was top notch. We are a club that people want to be involved with and interest is growing.

So as of tonight, we will bid farewell to the old committee and welcome a new one. To the members of the out-going committee, thank you for your efforts and the work you have put in. I think you should be proud of what we have achieved as a group. To the new committee I wish you the best in the continued growth of this great club be ready for some hard work and I’m sure the whole club we be behind you.

See you at the track!  



    2 Litre Sports Sedan Club