Phillip Island Round 5 2014 Race Report
Last Updated: 07/10/2014

Round 5 Polymech 2 Litre Sport Sedan Championship

Phillip Island

Weather was magnificent all weekend


An interesting turn out in the field of cars this meeting with some new and some old faces and cars Daniel Zandt was racing another Mini Challenge car, making 2 Minis (the other mini driven by Iain McDougall (Challenge Motorsport)) and  Dean Coutts in the VW Golf (Fast Stuff). David Brown also qualified in his Nissan Bluebird (Aussie Made Garages); Brett Dickie in his Honda Prelude (K2Tech Solutions) qualified well at 7th outright and David taking up the rear of the field

Sadly Steve Howard, was a DNS due to engine problems, Scott Manson a non starter for reasons unknown, Paul Thomson ran out of time, Adrian Skinner still trying to rebuild after a blown motor at Winton, Liam ran out of tyres and Haydn Clarke stayed in SA

For any potential Sponsors out there this is an expensive sport and these drivers are not wealthy people and some sponsorship would do a huge amount of good

Race 1

Issues after qualifying saw David Brown non starter, which was unfortunate, as it appears he was out for the weekend.

Jumped starts by the over 2 Litre Cars and safety car session saw the race end under safety car with Brett Dickie 1st of the 2 Litre Cars and 6th outright with Daniel 2nd in class.

Race 2

Sundays weather continued to be sunny and warm, and dry, with Brett Dickie running in the 1:43s consistently all day had him battling Gilliland’s RX7 and Stevens Gemini to finish ahead in 7th outright while Daniel had his hands full dicing with the VW Golf in front and the Mini behind him with all 3 cars punching out times within 1 second of each other.

Race 3

Brett fell behind the RX7 at the start only to trade faster lap times throughout the 9 lap race to finish 7th, outright and 1st in class Daniel finished a very worthy 11th outright all 3 Hatches racing so hard all lifting their rear wheels through Siberia and tried to make the most of the Golf’s mistake but wasn’t able to make it stick, with the pack covered by just 3 seconds at the end of the race, well done Daniel.

Round winner for the 2 Litre Sports Sedan club Championship was Daniel Zandt congratulations Daniel

Many thanks to Chris and Simon Hales and Activity Playgrounds for supplying the BBQ for this meeting

The next meeting is the Isle of Magic and our last round of the 2014 Polymech Championship

 See you all there