49 - Simon Oaten

Team Details

TEAM NAME: Simon Oaten
CAR NO:                                                                    49
CLASS:                                                                       Under 2 Litre
CREW:                                                                       John Perkins, Dan Vereker
SPONSORS:                                                               My wallet


  Car Details

CAR MAKE AND MODEL:                                                Fiat 124 Sports
CHASSIS:                                                                  Semi Space Frame
WHEELBASE: 2421 mm
WEIGHT: 905 kg
ENGINE: Make                                                                   Fiat, 4V Lancia head,
Capacity 1975 cc Induction 48mm Throttle Bodies
approx 250hp

ENGINE BUILDER /TUNER:                                 Simon
CLUTCH:                                                                   Tilton 7.25
TRANSMISSION: Gearbox                                      Holinger HS6
                         Diff                                             Mazda E-series, 3.63 – 4.44 ratios
SUSPENSION: Front Double wishbone / coilovers
                     Rear 5-link, coilovers, adjustable panhard bar
BRAKES: Front 10.5” disks, old “forrest” AP’s                                                            Rear                                                           10.7” discs, commodore caliper
TYRES: Front 240 / 525 / 13’s
           Rear 260 / 525 (or 550) / 13’s

 Driver Details

NAME:                                                                           Simon Oaten
FIRST RACE:                                                                     Maybe Mallala
SHORT/LONG TERM RACING GOALS: Improve the nut behind the wheel
OTHER INTERESTS:                                                           Anything to do with car dynamics, stocks
BEST ASPECT OF UNDER 2 LITRE RACING:               Great competition, the people you meet,makes you think
ACHIEVEMENTS:                                                               Won a few races, improved my skills,developed car to OK                                     standard

  Lap Times

PHILLIP ISLAND: 1 min 45 sec
SANDOWN: 1 min 20 sec
WINTON LONG TRACK: 1 min 33 sec